Removing Papers

I’m going to show you yet another step in the hexie quilt process: Removing the paper pieces!  Some people remove the inner papers as they go on a project like this, but I prefer to leave them all in until I’m finished with the quilt.

I work in rows so I don’t lose my place. You’ll notice I have a large seam allowance on the back so that the papers are totally covered. I like it like this. When I quilt it, all that extra fabric will boost puffiness and texture.

I start by using a seam ripper to snip the basting thread near the beginning knot
Then I use a wooden skewer or toothpick to pick out the basting thread
Then I use the skewer to stick in and through the hole I punched in the paper and… 
POP – out comes the paper!
I made a little video to show a little more of the process that can be found here.
It’s a pretty quick process, I just started today, and have about 1/4 of the papers out already! Starting a thread collection too:

3 Replies to “Removing Papers”

  1. Using a skewer, having punched holes in the centres, is a brilliant idea. You don't run the risk of poking holes in the quilt by you using your seam ripper either.

    I also like to leave a larger seam but more for security. If you are quilting around each hexie the puffiness would really add texture but with this size hexie and a large quilt it would take a lot of doing.

    I enjoyed the little video too!

  2. Thanks Karen, I'm trying to decide if I will hand quilt this one or if I will use my machine. I might make a mini test sample using some extra hexies to see if I can work through all those layers in a good fashion. I've been enjoying your posts on hand quilting too!