Going For A Walk

One of the reasons I love Portland… and my little neighborhood within, is because it’s such a great place to live with plenty of stores and beautiful parks close by.  I can walk to my bank, the library, and the grocery store very easily, and Laurelhurst & Mt. Tabor Parks are walking distance as well!

In fact, here is the plot where they are building a New Seasons Market ~ my favorite place to shop ~ and it’s about a half mile from my house where the hub of other stores are at. When the sun is shining, I like to make each errand a separate trip… if I have time that is!

Speaking of time… and time flying… whew ~ it’s the middle of April already!  We got our taxes done on time, and I would like to thank President Obama for the extra tax breaks we received for being a working family close to the poverty line.  For working people like us, who are “treading water for life”, this was a huge help!  Especially this year since we’ve had to get high-premium insurance to help cover my husbands upcoming hip replacement surgery… and we’re helping my daughter go through cosmetology school… and I found out I’m gluten intolerant last year so my dietary needs are more expensive.  Our funds are as tight as they’ve ever been… and work has been slow at times, but those tax breaks really did help us. 

Time is speeding by, and it’s been so busy around here, I haven’t had much time to sew!  I’ve been working quite a bit ~ which is very good…  but, it leaves little time for my projects.  I plan on getting back to some stitching this weekend ~ YAY!  

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