My Dinner Tonight

Lately I’ve had to be much more careful in what I decide to put into my mouth.  Last summer I was diagnosed gluten intolerant, and I am currently trying a candida cleanse.  That means my food is even more restricted… at least until the candida cleanse is over in 2-3 months.  Basically I’m avoiding all simple carbohydrates like grains, sugars and potatoes.

Here is a basic example of my dinners.  Chicken stir-fried with carrots, broccoli, onion and oregano in olive oil.  I serve almost all meals with a salad ~ today all I had was green leaf, but usually I prefer the spring mix that you can buy prepared from the store.  A little fresh parmesan cheese grated on top gives it a little tang.  This was a very excellent dinner and I fully enjoyed it!

I buy as much organic as possible, but sometimes my wallet makes me choose differently.  I love all the Portland Farmers Markets too ~ what a great way to keep veggies exciting!

Along with the food changes, I’m also taking a slew of suppliments (prescribed by my ND) hopefully just for 2 months, but I’ll go 3 if need be.  Since I changed to a gluten free diet last summer I have had good changes in my lab tests that just came back last week…  I got rid of 4 different bacterial overgrowths in my gut, and I raised my intestinal SiGA from 11 to 37!   I still have a ways to to because normal range is 400-800 ~ but I’m happy with any progress at this point!

After 2 months I’ll be doing more lab tests to see if I made any more positive changes in my lab numbers.  I’m very hopeful ~ and excited.  After years of feeling like I was always walking through water and bruised all over… I’m really starting to have a little energy!

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