Who Knew…?

The last few weeks here in Portland have been rough due to the lack of sunshine.  The rain and chill in the air in JUNE is more like March weather… and it has a tendency to get me a little down.  On top of all the grey days, my health has dipped a little ~ raging headaches with nausea, sore lymph glands, bloating, sore throat, swollen ankles and tongue, achy joints – super achy back pain, heartburn and higher sensitivities to noises and smells. 

I just got back from my Naturopathic Doctor and we worked up a plan to retest for candida (I’ve been on an anti-candida regimen for 2 months) to see if that’s better, and then after that test is over, she is going to do a food allergy test on me for 111 foods.  She’s thinking there is something else I may be allergic to and this is the best way to find out.  The bad part is I have to wait a month before doing the test.  It’s okay though… I’m just happy to have found someone who doesn’t look at me all spacey-like when I talk about my symptoms, and then says something like “well, you have had stress in your life… maybe you’re just depressed ~ let’s put you on anti-depressants and see how you feel”… as if it’s ALL IN MY HEAD!

Since these symptoms started showing up again, I have been actively re-checking everything in my house for gluten.  Low and behold… most of my make-up had wheat derivatives in them!!  WHO KNEW!  So I tossed out a bunch of make-up and my eye oil and just ordered new Gluten-Free makeup from a company called Afterglow Cosmetics.  It’s much more expensive than I’m used to…  BUT it’s 100% gluten free, and I really don’t use that much make-up anyway.  I haven’t received my order yet… patiently waiting… but I will post my feedback when it gets here 🙂

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