Crow Pillows

Now that my rooster quilt is finished, I have embarked on a NEW project ~ YAY!  A friend of mine took a couple great photos of some crows, and I took a couple more, and they worked really well as silhouettes.

What you see in the photo are the fabrics I plan on using, and the crows are actually pieces of film.  These pieces of film are opaque where it is black, so we use them to “shoot” screens for screenprinting.  In the screen-shooting process, a screen is coated with photo-sensitive emulsion, then we put these films on coated screens and shine a light on it.  Where the light hits the screen it “bakes” the emulsion, and where the light can’t get through (where the black film is) the screen emulsion stays soft and then we wash it out with water and voila:  a hole in a screen.  Then I can print using any color I wish… I’m thinking of printing in a dark blue ink to match the darkest blue in the fabric.  Here is a picture of a screen on press:

I’m excited to start a new sewing project… especially since our summer is still looking like winter… today I pulled out sweatpants and a hoodie ~ it’s chilly here right now.  I did hear that next week it will jump from the 50’s to the 90’s… not fun. 

So like I said, I’m happy to have a project!  Plus I’ve been watching butt-loads of soccer with my hubby ~ so my schedule is all wonky these days.  Just watched the Netherlands beat Brazil!  How cool is that?  It’s like watching the Lakers lose… I love it!  Later today is Uruguay vs. Ghana… I think I’ll be rooting for Uruguay ~ I liked watching them through the World Cup so far.

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