Fireworks and Anxiety

While I try not to write anything negative on this blog, I felt compelled to write a little something here about fireworks. 
The 4th of July just passed, and we are left with a dog who will be traumatized for the next two weeks as the noise of these fireworks freak her out terribly.   I never realized it before we had this dog, that animals AND people can be negatively affected by this noise.  Especially those with PTSD: post traumatic stress disorder. 

Since we’ve had our dog (7 years) I’ve become more and more sensitive to the noise of fireworks myself.  When I hear some random firecracker go off, I jump… AND… I’ve never been to war myself.  I can only imagine what it would be like for a veteran, or someone who has been a victim of a gun crime! 

The actual holiday is not that bad since we all expect the noise, and we can medicate people and dogs for a night while very drunk people party and light fireworks all night… but it’s the 2 weeks before through 2 weeks after when random schmucks decide to light firecrackers in the middle of the day or night.  NO ONE is expecting those and those are the ones that seriously freak people and animals out.

So… that’s my rant for today:  Please be kind to those with pets, stress, anxiety, and PTSD and please stop lighting fireworks randomly.  Wait for the 4th and call it good. 

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