I attended my first Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting this week, and I’m really happy I went!  The topic was paper piecing hexagons.  Of course, I was late.  Even though I left early, I was unprepared for 20 minutes of looking for a parking space… so by the time I got there the meeting was in full swing.  There were over 40 people (all women I think), and many of them had brought AMAZING quilts using hexagons for a Show-and-Tell.

I was fully impressed and totally inspired.  I love that there are so many people who still actually hand stitch quilts!  Now, it’s one thing to be able to see so many beautiful works of art all in one evening… it’s a whole other thing when you get to learn how they were created.  After seeing quite a few quilts and other hexagon projects, Christina – from The Sometimes Crafter, gave a little presentation on her adventures in paper piecing hexagons and I found it very informative.

From there we split up into groups and were given some paper hexagons and thread and we gave this paper piecing a try.  Well… I should say I gave it a try ~ most people there already had experience with this technique and even had projects in process they whipped out and we all did a little stitching together.  All of a sudden it was 9:00 and time to go.

I came home and worked on a few more pieces (pictured above).  I think I’m becoming obsessed!  They are quick and fun and I can use all my scraps this way… so I had hexies on the brain before going to bed…. and I had a dream about them ~ of course.

I’ve been planning on a new quilt wall hanging project… and I wanted to use a squid image and make it skinny and long.  I’m really into the idea of poster style art in the form of fabric, using bright colors and basic shapes.  So I was going to create an appliqué like I did with the rooster… but in my dream I made one of hexagons!  After I woke, I got on the computer and laid out a design in 3/4″ hexagons and ordered 1500 paper pieces from Paperpieces.com.

I have no idea what colors I’m actually going to use… patterned fabrics look SO different than a solid color design like this.  This is going to be a long term project, one I can collect cool fabrics for and take my time with.   I’m so glad I went to that meeting ~ it’s fun to have a new fascination!

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Glad you came! The goal you there is a good one!

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