Decreasing Stress

Something I’m currently working on is my anxiety and stress on a meditative level.  I guess when you’ve had a life like mine, things can go a little wonky physically.  I have a friend that I grew up with (age 17-25) and we were talking the other day,  and she is going through the same issues.  We were just talking about how hard it is to explain our pasts.  When we talk to Dr.’s, the same questions always comes up:  “have you ever had a traumatic experience?”  We both always laugh… because we could each write a whole book (or two) to cover our traumas in life… seriously. 

How do you explain to the average person what it was like to live your life?  It takes a long time… plus once I start, I’m always interrupted to get more info on one or two events that end up taking all the time of the appointment and we never even really get started.  Luckily for me, my life has really mellowed out since I was 28 ~ so all I really need to “deal” with are past issues.

One thing that happens when you live with high-constant stress, is that your adrenal glands just don’t know when to quit.  I feel like I’m excited/nervous/anxious ALL the time… and sometimes it can send me into a panic or anxiety attack.  For those who know, they are NOT fun at all!  The frustrating part of this is that my life is not that stressful anymore… so you would think my adrenals would get the hint!

To combat this my ND has started me on amino acids to help replenish neurotransmitters, and she started me on a hormone therapy that has two end purposes: 1) to re-balance my hormone levels…  my estrogen levels are high and my cortisol levels are off the chart; and 2) to lose a little weight to help the edema in my feet… and for me to feel better.  I’m also walking and doing yoga on a daily basis.

Because my ND is guiding me through the process, I feel it’s safe.  BUT… I’m a little skeptical of the purported results. Part of the protocol is an extremely restricted diet.  I’m just eating fruit, veggies, and lean chicken/fish/beef.  Not only that… but no starchy veggies/fruits and absolutely no extra fat.  Needless to say, it’s hard!  And this weekend we have 4 gatherings to attend… all with food involved.  I’m not sure how I’ll do… I have will power ~ but this might be tough!

I’m thinking I may take my box of hexagons with me to sew while I’m out… or at least when I’m wanting to eat stuff ~ I can find a corner and lose myself in the sewing.  Or so I hope!

Luckily for me, I only have to eat this way for about 2 months, then I can go back to my usual restrictions:  gluten, starch, sugar.  AND… I should be feeling MUCH better on a day to day basis which has been my goal since 2000 when I had my gall bladder removed ~ it’s been a long journey with many ups and downs.  I have been feeling better, but there are a few symptoms that just won’t go away.  So… I’m hoping this will trigger better health. 

In the meantime, I’m pretty much avoiding the kitchen, so no new recipes from me anytime soon… but I’ll probably get a buttload of sewing done! 

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