Chicken Love, originally uploaded by RamonaX.

Wow time flies! I guess I’ve been fairly wrapped up planning for tomorrow. My husband and I have a screen printing business called Phantom Chicken and we cleared out our studio this week and have over 500 t-shirts of all styles and colors that we’re going to sell for $5 ea… and we pulled out a few of 40 different show posters that Gregg hand printed going all the way back to 1995 and those are going to go for $10 ea. and hand printed cards for 2 for $5.

So my house is in disarray with shirts, posters and display materials getting piled up at the door getting ready to set up in the parking lot of Red Square Cafe / Red Star Machine Works at 4505 SE Belmont from 10 am to 5pm tomorrow!

I think I will also be bringing my pillows that I’ve been working on… I’ll see if what kind of reception they get. My friend Sian Alexander will be with us too ~ she makes amazing ceramics! We’ll also be visited by Dingo Dizmal and his partner Olive Rootbeer who will be performing sporadic bouts of circus sideshow fun throughout the day. Dingo will also have his infamous Rubber Chicken Paintings available for sale!

So if you have time Sunday Sept 12 ~ come down and say hi! There will be free trolleys running all day from 20th to 48th and Belmont ~ so enjoy a trolley ride and come enjoy some Chicken Love.

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