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For those of you wondering… I just changed the name of this blog from “Just Another Girl” to “I Think Sew”. 
I started this blog a few months ago and,  as this endeavor continues, I’m finding that what I want to write about and share most is all about sewing.  Lately I’ve really had sewing on the brain!  I think sew ALL the time.   So bear with me as my blog morphs!

I have finally finished all my hexies for my squid quilt (1122 of them) and I’m laying it out today… eeeeiiiii!!!!  So exciting!  I decided to wait to post pictures until I’m all done.  I’m such a tease!

I’m so glad I started going to the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meetings.  They are so inspiring, and that is exactly what I need to keep motivated.  Last Thursday we listened to Elizabeth give a nice starter seminar on dying fabrics.  Wow ~ I have so many new ideas now… although, I do have about 10 projects in my head already before I will start something new.  But she did talk about using a product called iDye that uses a simpler process, and I’m excited to at least try that out sooner than later.  She had created some “over-dyed” fabrics with iDye that were gorgeous, and I really want to try that with some of my not-so-favorite fabrics. 
Also at the meeting Jen did a little 10 minute demo on how to make pin cushions and we are going to do a pin cushion swap at the next meeting… even for that project I have about 5 different ideas on design and colors ~ I may have to make more than one!  They seem to be the perfect project for using scraps.
I even brought my Rooster Quilt for show and tell… but I was a little nervous and words didn’t really come out of my mouth well ~ I wanted to say that the quilt represented my first attempt at paper piecing AND my second attempt at applique.  I have made a couple quilts before, but now I’m trying out different techniques on each new project.  
In my current squid quilt project I’m hand sewing hexagons (a first) and I plan on doing some free-motion quilting on it when I’m done.  Modern Domestic has an open sewing studio in North Portland, and I want to check out their facilities and see if they have a better machine for free motion quilting because my machine is very hard to do that with.  I’m nervous about it… but I’ll make a few quilt sandwiches to practice on first… and if I can’t do it good enough, I’ll quilt with straight lines.  For now I’ll just enjoy my time piecing my hexies together.

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  1. OMG! thank you… but really I do have problems with anxiety and part of the reason I bring things to show is to practice being "on the spot"… but if I didn't sound nervous, I MUST be making some progress 😉

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