Brontosaurus Pillow, originally uploaded by RamonaX.

Woo hoo! Clearing through files on my desktop, I found a picture of one of my favorite pillows! I made it and sold it so quickly, I didn’t think I had a photo… but I found this today.

Sometimes it’s good to see past work that you haven’t seen in a while. I’ve gone through all sorts of sewing phases over the years… for a while, I was making dresses for friends, then I made hats and baby dresses and that phase transformed into patchwork hats and dresses, then I made a few patchwork bags.

I guess I’ve always been attracted to patchwork because I have always been on the poorer side of things, and I could only find bits and pieces of good fabrics, so patchwork was the way for me. It’s a challenge for me to be on the lookout for cheap or free fabrics… and still be able to create what I want!

A few years ago I made my first quilt, and I was hooked on the patchwork portion of it… and that led to sewing these patchwork pillows. Most recently I’ve been interested in sewing art quilts with vivid imagery like gig posters out of fabric… and now the actual quilting is becoming my main objective. With a few hours spent on stitching, you can make something amazing out of something very plain.

Oh… for those of you keeping track, I’ve stitched up 3 more rows on my squid quilt in the last 2 days, so I’m slowly getting there! (16 out of 50 done).

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