A New Year

Happy New Year to everyone out in blogland!  So far… so good.  2011,  I’m ready.

I started and finished a quickie project last week for a friends birthday, so I can’t show it off just yet.  I was happy to take a break from the squid quilt, but now I’m back to it!  Here is the progress so far:

I think I have 4 more rows to go, then I’m halfway done!!  WooHoo 🙂  After this I’m planning on making 2 or 3 baby quilts.  I need to practice free-motion-quilting, and I think baby quilts would be a fantastic way to practice! 

Other than sewing, I’ve been tweaking my diet… again.  I know that there are things I just shouldn’t eat… but, I don’t think I can go through the rest of my life eating so strictly.  So I’m testing my digestive system to see just how much I can handle.  Sadly, I think sugar is completely out, along with potatoes, gluten, and coffee.  I’m hoping honey will do me good and that I can have some starches as long as I stay away from potatoes… but that might be asking too much.  We’ll see.  By doing these “tests”, my joints have started screaming at me, headaches are back, and I haven’t been able to sleep through the night… along with other little things.  So I’m pretty motivated to get back to eating right, and the new year is a good kick in the butt for those types of things.  

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