Birthday Fabric

Since my birthday is in January, I celebrate with parties since there is not much happening between New Years and Valentines Day.  I usually ask that people just bring a little food, and no gifts… because I just don’t really need anything and I don’t like making a spectacle of myself.

I was happily surprised with a great party and lots of friends and even some gifts… and they were things I LOVED!  One of my friends was even savvy enough to give fabric from Cool Cottons on Hawthorne… I’m so excited to have some new patterns and colors to play with… take a look:

What is so great about this is that I’m planning on making some “mug rugs” that I can easily use this fabric in!  I’ve been studying the binding process online and I found a good tutorial at VeryKerryBerry on single binding that should work great!  I need all the practice I can get on free-motion-quilting before starting to quilt my squid

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