Mug Rugs

So tomorrow night at the PMQG meeting, we are having a mug rug swap!  This has been a very fun project for me because I need a lot of practice on quilting and it seems I have a lot to learn about binding too!  My first two attempts… not so good, my third and fourth MUCH better!  So I will have a little something to swap and that makes me feel good. All the others that I make will make great little gifties, especially if I pair them up with a pound of coffee and a cool mug… ooOOooo I think I have the holidays all figured out already!!

So I’ve been very busy working on a blog update for our business and soon I’ll be updating the whole site.  This kind of work is really hard to get through, so much code my mind spins… but it is turning out very well.  I’m also doing bookkeeping and getting ready for tax time ~ yuck ~ and working on a pretty neat T-shirt design for a local dart league.  With all that time spent working, the sewing is slowing… and that is making me a little sad.  So I’m totally looking forward to the meeting tomorrow night for a good kick in the butt and some motivation!

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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