I wasn’t going to talk “work” on this blog at all… but…

My husband and I are working with a couple of Portland clowns:  Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal who have super rad skills with balloon animals, and entertainment in general.  You may have seen them riding their tall bikes in the first episode of Portlandia

Anyway, in their spare time, they paint rubber chicken paintings… that’s right:  rubber chicken paintings.   Since our business name is Phantom Chicken, we are especially partial to anything chicken! So when they came to us last week,  to print this Seahorse image (from their coloring book) on some shirts, we wanted to help:

Do you see the little rubber chickens? So cute! 
So we are offering the opportunity to pre-order this t-shirt before we print ~ the more pre-orders we get, the more it helps Dingo & Olive.  So… if you’re in need of a new shirt… check it out here 🙂

I haven’t been able to get any sewing time in 3 whole days!  I’m going a little stir crazy… but an idea for another paper-pieced project has entered my head:  can you say DRAGON.   I keep imagining a hexagon/triangle pieced image of a dragon in reds and creams and pale blues ~ maybe today I’ll get some time to layout another design ~ I feel a little empty inside now that my squid quilt is done!

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