Time To Get Better!

I’m starting this post off with a special Happy Birthday to our lovely Rita Dog who just turned 14!  She is not a camera-friendly dog, so I’m happy to have a non-blurry picture of her.  We found this dog at large when she was 6 and she was neglected and totally schitzo… now with some love and indoor living she’s turned into an amazing dog full of love (at least for those she knows well).
For me, today marks the first day of my antibiotic treatment and new diet plan.  I got a positive test result for SIBO so I’m biting the bullet and jumping into treatment even though this is the beginning of the holiday season (full of food).  The antibiotics will kill the bad bacteria, and the diet will help heal my intestinal lining… hopefully in 6 months I’ll be a different person health-wise!  
The antibiotics are powerful… my first dose made me a little dizzy ~ but I guess they should be, I spent enough on them!!  Oh well, it’s way better than needing a surgery or relegating myself to a lifetime of aches and pains.  The diet is very simple: meat broths, boiled veggies and meat, fermented veggies, and ginger tea.  That’s it until some symptoms subside, then I can move onto slowly adding foods to the diet until I’m back to normal. 
I’m really happy about it actually.  I just hope I can do well with my self-control and find time to make all the foods from scratch.  That means a little less time sewing… but it’s for a good cause 😉

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