Need More Browns

Dragon quilt update: 2,703 pieces made as of today.  I would just keep sewing, except I’m out of papers, and brown fabrics.   Thanks to Miss Rachel for giving me a bunch of awesome brown scraps ~ I was able to get another 300 done… but I still have 850 browns to go.  Here is a quick shot of the colors I already have:

So if anyone has any scrap fabric with blenders between tan and gold or a more butterscotchy-type brown that are at least 1.5″ square… and would be willing to share… I would be more than grateful!  It’s a hard color to find in monochromatic patterns ~ but I’ll be looking this Saturday when we have our All-Day Sew at Fabric Depot.

Since I’ve had a little extra time in the sewing dept. while waiting for more paper pieces to arrive, I was able to work on the Holiday Gift Swap for our PMQG.  I’m very happy with my results with a new technique ~ and I can’t wait to share!!  Here is a sneak peek:


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