New Ink

A little off topic today… nothing to do with quilting, but I want to share my new ink:

I had the old rose tattoo done on my 23rd birthday 20 years ago… for my 43rd b-day I wanted to expand on the original rose since I’m living and loving Portland, OR or Rose City.  I picked a Japanese style rose because I thought it was prettier than the original old-school one, and these days I’m “into” pretty tattoos. 

This marks my 8th tattoo, and my 17th time under the needle (some tats take several sessions).  People always ask if it hurts… and I always say “Well… of course it does, silly!”  For me, the pain is worth the beauty, and yes ~ I do think some tattoos are quite beautiful.  I would much rather have pink, orange, green, purple and blue skin than pale white… but that’s just me.  

Now off to do some hexie stitching and give this time to heal up!

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