Gray Days

Here in Portland, the days are often gray and that does affect my mood… and those around me.  I love the green here and all the flowers and plants that grow like weeds, but the gray rainy days are tough to get through in the springtime.  I keep myself as busy as possible on these days ~ and luckily work is flowing and keeping us very busy right now.  I haven’t even had time to sew all week!

Another thing that fully affects my mood is the news.  Currently there are all sorts of angry, hateful people out there with terribly wrong information… and they are acting violently upon it.  I wasn’t going to “rant” on this blog… so I won’t ~ but suffice to say:  People, please…  Please research your information well beyond Conservative Fox News before acting in violence towards other HUMAN BEINGS!!

Okay… Deep Breath… ahhhhhhhh.  Which reminds me, I should find a new Yin Yoga class close by my home.  I want to walk to class instead of driving.  Driving can easily undo all the good yoga brings me in about 2 minutes of following an Oregon Driver.  Sorry… but really, it’s true.  I always seem to end up behind someone who thinks going 15-20 mph is cool or safe or something.  Or being “nice” to give the right of way to some random driver and stopping all traffic behind them, when it’s their right of way and they should just go!  Or… my favorite… I end up behind someone texting on the phone.  This is the worst ~ they miss green lights all together, they swerve all over the road, they back-end others often… they are just not paying attention ~ and when you honk at them (which I do long and loud) they look at you as if you’re in the wrong. *add expletive here*

Arrgghh… okay… back to the breath, back to the breath!  That’s better.
*Note to self:  yoga at home is better than none at all
I promise not to “go off” too much here

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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