Trying Times

The news is something I usually avoid writing about because when you’re sewing, the last thing you need to think about is politics and depressing stories.  However, I do feel the need to say a few things here where I can share with friends.  Mostly I just want to send my love and deepest condolences to the families that have lost loved ones due to shootings recently. 

I’m somewhat empathetic… I know that’s a little “woo-woo” for some of you, but I do physically feel others’ pain and anxiety when it is strong.  This last week has had me almost immobilized with sadness.  I can’t even write this without tears,  I don’t even know any affected people personally.  I just feel this overwhelming weight of broken hearts and frustration, and it is very very heavy. 

So… to clear the air (and my head) a little, I would like to list a few simple ideas to think about to move forward from the stagnant retardation of our society. 

  1. Do something nice for a stranger everyday.  Open a door, buy a coffee, give a ride, or just smile and say hi to those you walk by. 
  2. Stop hating.  Hate is ignorant and fearful, and fuels violence.
  3. Start sharing.  Sounds simple, but in our “ownership” society we are losing the ability to work together happily because we are too competitive and cannot share.  
  4. Hug your children as often as you can ~ this touch is important for happy, healthy kiddos and adults.
  5. Start thinking globally.  We are all human beings on one planet with finite resources.  We ALL have big hearts and want to provide the basics for our families, at the very least.  Remember you are not the only one.
  6. Rethink your attachment to money.  In a society where money (which only has the fictitious value we give it) becomes more important that human life (which should be the most valuable thing we have), this will only be the beginning of these terrible occurrences.

That’s it.  All I’m gonna say on the subject… hopefully venting here will help my sewing!  I started free motion quilting the dragon.  It’s not perfect, but right now I don’t care…  I’m just happy to be alive with people I love!

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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I completely understand what you're saying about empathy. I think it's a gift. 🙂

Good point about money and looking globally. Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I can do to help and have been starting to get some ideas. We really do need to reach out to people, especially when times are tough.


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