A New Beginning!

BIG BIG NEWS:  Gregg and I have entered the home ownership game!!  We signed papers yesterday afternoon, and we just got word it’s been stamped with an approval and we get keys tomorrow morning.  GAAHHHH!!!

This is all kind of strange.  If you know me personally, you know that I’ve been a happy renter my whole life ~ with no intentions of ever owning. Never wanted to play the game… however, life changes things and the concept of owning has grown on me quite a bit in the last few months… especially with the new place we found.

So… after living here for 14 years, we are getting ready for the big move.  There is a lot of work we’ll need to do, luckily we have time because our landlord gave us till Oct. to be out.

We are starting to put together the list of house-y things we’ll need in the new place like rugs (hardwood floors!), a lawnmower, and a big sturdy ladder.  There will be some updating that we will try to do before moving in:  replace the tub and its plumbing and take out a wall between the dining room and kitchen… and it also needs new windows and/or AC. We also want to finish out a fence so we can be dog owners again soon! The fun part of the game is staying within budget 😉

Most importantly there is a 2-car garage for our screen printing studio, and I’m super excited about it… but we have to  to get that finished out and set up for work as soon as we can, especially since that’s how we’re going to pay our mortgage… and all hopefully BEFORE we make the actual move.  That’s lots of work and a bit overwhelming, so we’ll just see how it all works out.  We do have the support of the most awesome friends and family, so even if it takes a while, it’ll be okay.

It’s all so very big to say the least.  Soon it will be time to host sew days and dinner parties… I’m just so happy and anxious to share my news… I didn’t even have a photo to post. Yet.


By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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