New Quilt In The Works

Rosetta Quilt In Progress

YAY! I have finally started sewing in my new sewing room!!  I’m so excited ~ I pieced together this front while we were packing to move, it was made from fabrics that were easily accessible, not really thought out much… but I think that made it a better composition.  I struggle with color and value, so it’s what I’m focusing on personally.

I started quilting this quilt at the old house, I was out of thread and started using grey. It was too dark of a thread color for this quilt, plus the tension on my machine was all messed up so bobbin threads were on top of the quilt.  I still quilted a good size chunk of the quilt before I decided to stop being lazy, get my butt to the store and buy off-white thread to quilt this with.  Of course I had to spend a few days taking all the grey quilting out… but I’m so happy I did.

Echo quilting with flowers

I got thread at Modern Domestic when I was there for Christina Cameli’s Book Release Party – the book is all about free-motion quilting, and she did demonstrations… it was so fun!  You should check out this book ~ it’s full of quick little sewing projects to practice new FMQ techniques on. 

Awesome new book by Christina Cameli

I usually use Gutterman polyester thread for quilting… but my machine has been acting up and it hasn’t been working so well.  Lupine at MD showed me Mettler brand, and I got it… and it ROCKS!  At least on my machine it does 😉  I’m still working on my stitch length being more consistent… but look how nice this thread is working out on the back of this quilt:

Back of the Rosetta Baby Quilt
I’m even happy with my quilting pattern.  I started with a flower in the center of the quilt and echo-quilted around it adding another flower every so often.  It’s totally organic and turning out really cool.  It’s fairly dense quilting… which I like.  Ready to do a little more quilting here soon.  Maybe I’ll have it ready by the next PMQG meeting!

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  1. I am super impressed with your quilting on this so far! And though I know it's frustrating to have to rip out a patch of quilting, it IS so worth it when you do it again and love how it turns out, so kudos to that!

  2. I love everything about your quilt! Lately, I have found myself taking things apart that I don't like and not making do and it is so much better! You have plenty of time to finish before our meeting! Can't wait to see it.

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