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Jellyfish On My Mind

Gaaahhh…. I have jellyfish on the brain!!  
I’ve been keeping up with the news about Fukushima, and it’s distressing to say the least. I don’t plan on getting political on this post… but I keep reading an articles, like this one, about how the jellyfish in the oceans are so prolific (due to fishing of their natural predators) that they are being attracted to, and then get sucked into nuclear reactors so the reactors need to be shut down to clean them out.  
I don’t know what to make of it, other than our planet is definitely changing… and maybe these amazing creatures are trying to save us. Unlikely, yes – but I like to think big!
While pondering my possible translucent global allies, I decided they would be the focus of my next hexie quilt. Here is the base design I made last night:
Jelly Hexie Quilt design – Gail Weiss

I think a jellyfish would look great with The Squid Quilt.  On this quilt I really want deep turquoises, aquas, blues… so deep they are almost black for the background.  A hot pink top and bright colors will make up the rest of him. Since this design is flat with no patterns depicted, it will look completely different as a quilt. I love that element of surprise!

As it’s laid out, it will be approx 24″ x 48″ made out of 1/2″ hexies. I just printed the pattern out so I can count how many hexies in each color way I’ll need. Oh… it’s just so exciting!  Who would have thought I could miss hand stitching so much?

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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