Snow Days

Here in Portland, it’s been snowing for a few days! This is a bit strange for this town… everything shuts down because there seems to be no snow removal system here.  I even see people on cross country skis on the roads! Here’s a view from my living room window:

So pretty! I’m about ready to go out to make snow angels myself since there are no little kids in the house 😉

Since we’ve been staying home a lot, I was able to make a little more progress on my Jellfyfish Hexie Quilt.  Here’s all my baggies of little goodies:

You can see how my color palates are coming out… I need one more jellyfish pink/purple to go between the pink polka-dot and the burgundy above it.  I’m also going to get more of those polka dots! I need more deep aqua/teal-y colors for the “water” too… but I have over 900 of those left – so I can still make it look more watery. On the left are all the tentacle colors… took a count this morning, and I have 600 hexies done!!  Pretty close to a third of the way.

What are you working on today?

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