Be Kind.

*this post is more about philosophy than quilting – back to stitching next time*

Two simple words that, if acted on, can create great change.

This world is full of terrible things, mean words, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings.
The best way to combat this is to simply be kind.

This might come off as a bit “woo-woo”, but here’s my philosophy: We (all humans) are made up of billions of atoms, protons, electrons and neutrons, the same as any other thing on this planet, or in the universe for that matter. Connected as one organism is our universe and everything in it, including me (and you). Even though small, our actions create energy that affects everything around us. 
Everything you do matters.

Energy flows, it never stops and we have the ability to charge that energy with positivity or negativity. I think most people unknowingly pump out negative energy all the time, and that negative energy creates anger, frustration, fear, anxiety within us and then manifests into becoming our reality. Just thinking something negative can create that reality. How many times have you heard someone say: “what if something bad happens?” I think just giving thought to something bad happening will make it actually happen.

For instance… I had two neighbors. Neighbor A planted a poor choice of tree in her back yard. It was a tree that grew really tall, really fast, and happened to be right over Neighbor B’s house. Neighbor B didn’t like the tree from the start. She started saying things like “boy that tree grew fast… I hope it doesn’t fall over” or “that tree is right over our yard, what happens if there’s a windstorm?” Then it became the only thing she said when she saw me. Guess what… after a few months, the tree eventually fell over.

That’s just a simple one… but if you start listening to how people talk, you’ll notice they are so negative they tend to set their own limitations. “What if” statements are the worst. I used to say it ALL the time… mostly when I was in need of money: “What if we can’t pay the rent?”/ “What if they turn off the electricity?”/ “What if I end up all alone?”

I never say “what if” anymore. I practice kindness towards myself and say things like: “I believe the universe will provide what I need, so if I can’t pay the rent this month, I will enjoy looking for a new place to live.”/ “Luckily I’ve lived without electricity in the past… so if it gets turned off, I’ll know what to do.”/ “Being alone allows me to find my true self, until I’m a whole person, I will not be ready to be a good partner in a relationship”

From experience I can tell you that this works wonders. Hard to believe, but it’s true.
This is why I find it so important to be kind.

When you start searching for the positive, it’s a challenge. An hour to hour vigilance is necessary. We are conditioned to be judgmental from a young age – which makes you search out the negative things in people and situations. Even TV shows applaud the singling out of people, rather than the joys of working together.

It’s been a long journey for me to re-learn my thought processes and see the good around me, and I have a long way to go!! What’s interesting is that the more positive things I see in others, the happier I become… and more opportunities are available to me.

Test it yourself! I dare you to do these four things daily for the next two weeks:
1. lift your head and smile at everyone you see in your day to day – even total strangers on the street.
2. in conversations, give one compliment to the person you’re talking to (or at least think of one)
3. for every negative thought, find one positive thought about that subject.
4. when you catch yourself feeling envious, SEE the good in your own life and be thankful. Seriously thankful. Even at my lowest, there were others that were in a worse place than me.

After 2 weeks, I bet you’ll feel better, and I KNOW without a doubt, everyone you came in contact with over those two weeks will feel better too… and maybe they’ll spread that positivity too. Just imagine all the amazing things you can inspire with just a simple smile and a kind thought.

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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