Number 200!

This is my 200th post! Woot Woot!

To celebrate, I’m going to be posting some free downloads. You’ll find my Unbe-weevil-ble quilt pattern, and a file to print to cut your own 1/2″ hexie paper templates. I’ll be adding my layouts for the Squid and Dragon Hexie quilts soon too – kind of exciting to be able to give back a little!

Timing is on my mind as I feel I’m going very slowly on the Jellyfish Hexie Quilt… I’ve started sewing rows together from the bottom up. I’m sewing about 25 hexies together a day, so I am making some progress.

Missing rows are currently being stitched together – bottom right rows completed.

I figure it will take about 3 months to sew the rows and another 2-3 months to sew the rows to each other. Fingers crossed to finish this year! Here’s my layout sheet – you can see I make really good use of it for note-taking, counts, and a little math. I used a piece of cardstock for the dragon quilt… much better than regular paper.

Jellyfish Pattern – all marked up, and a row of stitched hexies.

Help me celebrate my big 200 by leaving me a comment. (comments make my day!)
I’d love to know if you have done English Paper Piecing before, and if so – what was your first project… and how long did it take you to finish?
If you’ve never tried EPP, what would you make if you did?

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  1. I have only ever tried EPP when we had that demo during guild last year. I really like how it turns out but truth be told I'm a little intimidated by it yet (you should have seen how my hexies weren't holding together when I was trying to baste them into shape…yeesh). I'd like to make something with maybe 2" or 3" hexies…I'm not sure. But intimidation be damned, EPP is on the list of things to tackle this year!

  2. The largest size I've worked with is 1" – and for those I have to baste through the paper to hold it's shape… they seem much harder than these little 1/2" guys that you can hold in place with your fingers as you go. Don't be intimidated – the more you make the easier it gets!

  3. I started a scrappy grandmothers garden last summer. Still working on it as it is my road trip project. I love EPP. I have made a POTC block too and turned that into a pillow for my daughter.

  4. Awesome road trip project! I've been thinking of trying a traditional grandmothers garden design since I have some extra hexies from this project… maybe I'll make a pillow – what a great way to use EPP projects!

  5. I love hexagons and hand-sewing, and have been watching your progress on the jellyfish with interest. I'll be interested to see your patterns, because my other half loved the dragon, and I'm on the look-out for a new project. I hadn't realised that they weren't sewn together yet, but in hindsight it makes sense. That I think I'd find a problem, because devoting the space for such a long time isn't terribly feasible :(.

  6. Thanks Kim! Keep watching… the Dragon will be my next layout to share. Yes, I am terribly lucky to have a space to leave this out as I'm working on it. I use a piece of styrofoam insulation with batting over it to hold the hexies in place, and it works well while laying horizontally, but I haven't figured out how to move it or put it away for a bit… at least not yet 😉

  7. Gail – I've done some very small hexi projects (in fact I think I showed my mini bag right after you showed your dragon the first time at guild . . . ), but nothing huge with crazy small hexis like you. The dragon was simply stunning and I think I like this one even better.

  8. Hi Gail..I made myself a great put hexie thing. I brought a post it tube width of my work. Then I brought a piece of felt the length of my work plus a bit extra to go round tube. Fold over the end and make a sleeve to fit tube in. You can put stuff in tube and layout project on felt and roll up when not working on it. I have different tubes for different projects.

  9. Thanks Dawn, yep… I think they are fun too – and just so cute! Keep making flowers, it's amazing to realize how much you can accomplish over time… who knows – it might turn into a king size quilt someday!

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