Office Redo

It’s been a little over a year since we moved into our new place, and I got a bug up my bum to redo my whole office space… which is also my sewing room. In our last house I had two separate areas, but now it’s all in one room.

I feel I need to do this to clear space, so when I’m working, I don’t feel overwhelmed with too much messy-ness going on around me.  I’m not done yet (not by far!) but here are some photos of what I’m working on:

In this picture, you can see my sewing machine, and cutting table in the corner, the new shelves my husband just put up (near the ceiling) and the new curtains for the sliding glass door. My computer is to the right. I still need a curtain for the window too.

Office SouthWest Corner

This view shows my office area, it’s mostly in the closet, soon to get a curtain. The other closet will hold fabric, as well as the shelves shown in the middle. The big file cabinet is the hardest piece of the puzzle – it doesn’t really fit anywhere, so I’m leaving it float in the middle of the room. When these closets get covered by curtains, it will help A LOT!

Office West

Here you can see my soon-to-be design wall, the board is resting on the floor, but that’s going up today! Then I get to start filling it all up with stuff (mostly fabric!)  I’m hoping this layout will be inspiring to me when I get it finished.

Office North

OH… and by the way:

This is all I have left to sew onto the Jellyfish!! That and the half-hexies down the two long sides to make the edge straight… then I’m done with the top!!!! I’m so excited. I will be bringing this to show and tell at the next PMQG meeting… even though it’s not quilted yet. I think people might be more interested to see the stitching on the backside before I quilt it.

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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