Health Through Food?

This post will be about food rather than quilting. Why? Because my health is making it hard to be able to sew (or work, or think clearly for that matter). It’s something I’ve struggled with since my gall bladder was removed in 2000, ever since then, things have slowly spiraled downward. I have IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, and some sort of auto-immune disorder that is causing my white blood cell count to be high. I also have a sneaking suspicion I have fibromyalgia (like my sister) but I haven’t seen an MD to get that diagnosis. I’m also pre-diabetic.

What this means to me is I’m tired (exuberantly exhausted) with headaches, and I’m achy in all my joints, with inflammation that affects my spine, which makes moving a very nervy experience.

Instead of complaining to everyone about it, I thought I’d share my plan to health instead! I’m hoping by posting about it that I will have the encouragement to follow through. So… this is the plan:

 It’s a pretty intensive diet plan that incorporates nutrients from food to help heal the gut lining. I think that is my main directive. It’s pretty close to what I already eat… I only have to cut the rice and corn, and that’s about it.  It is also specific in what (exactly) to eat and when. Here is the recipe for one of the protein shakes and a lunch – looks pretty good, right?

The plan is to follow this for 10 days, then re-assess. If I can keep going… I will. I know the longer I can stick to it, the better I’ll heal. I’ve cut sugar from my diet before and so I KNOW how wonderful it can be.

If I feel good, I’ll be able to work on my quilt projects more and maybe I’ll feel good enough to travel and meet some of my quilty friends in other states. I’ll even be able to do more right here in Portland for that matter… or so I hope. There is nothing more depressing than feeling too tired to meet with friends… especially for sewing!

My next few posts may have some food-related things, but I’ll get back to quilting for sure. Thanks for being so supportive!

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  1. I struggle with many of the issues that you outlined above. I am under 30 and I understand what a burden it is on you and your body. I had my gallbladder removed and then realized that I can't touch gluten… Have you tried going GF?

  2. Hi Lori, Yes – I've been gluten free/lactose free for about 4 years. I felt great right after quitting gluten, but now my body seems to be reacting to too many other things (rice/corn). I think this is becoming a big issue for a lot of people raised on processed foods… our bodies just are not capable of digesting everything we put into our mouths. If we don't digest things they become problematic and we get sick. I have high hopes that I can heal enough to be able to eat freely again AND feel good.

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