Now For Something Different…

I had an idea a while back that I would start working on fabric designs, however… it remained only an idea for the last year or so. A big thanks (and hug) to my friend Rachel for inspiring me to take action, and start making patterns already! Sometimes I really do need the ‘kick in the butt’ to get started.

Since I work on graphics for our T-shirt printing business, I have most of the needed skills. The big thing I’m working on is creating seamless repeats, and I still need a bit of practice there for sure! So the plan is to try to come up with a new pattern everyday till New Years, then I’ll go through it all and see what really speaks to me and then work up final designs. Sometimes you need to step away for a bit to truly see what you’re working on.

Another source of inspiration is my friend Bill, who is also working on a line of patterned fabrics through Spoonflower. I have been reading his blog and enjoying the ‘uniquely Bill’ designs he is coming up with. It’s such a fun new twist on things to be able to print your own custom fabric!… and who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something to send to Spoonflower as well.

Here’s to hoping the inspiration lasts – sometimes I get really blocked creatively, which makes me a little nervous – but it’s only a self-imposed goal, so it’s all good.

Here is the design I made for today: Barbed Roses, because… you know… I live in Portland!

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