Green Cross Quilt

Welcoming The Grey

After a very long and dry summer, we are fully in fall mode with drizzly rain and grey days. I’m happy for all the plants in our yard that were so dry… even after regular waterings. Now they are all starting to turn green again, along with the grass – so pretty, but all under grey, gloomy skies.

Being that I love being dry, I am truly enjoying my new Juki machine! I have been sewing almost everyday since I got it – and I love, love, LOVE it!! I’ve been working on a couple more ‘Green Cross’ quilts, smaller than my first one they are averaging about 40″ square. I have a couple requests, and I know a few cannabis retailers that may want something like this to hang in their stores, so I’ve started a series of 4 smaller cannabis quilts! I’m having a lot of fun with this project.

Green Cross Pieicng
small modern cross in my new Green Cross quilt series

For the green fabrics, I’m choosing shades that represent Portland or the Northwest somehow… at least in my head. Someone else may read it as something entirely different! I’m using the Modern Cross pattern for blocks that Susan Beal wrote about in her book Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Then I’m improving the rest of the quilt top. They are turning out very well. I have 2 out of 4 tops completed, and am starting to get antsy to work with a different idea altogether, but I’ll follow through on these first.

There is some other exciting news in my little quilt world… my daughter has started making her very first quilt!!! Some mom’s are lucky and have creative kids. My daughter grew up wanting to run and play… the last thing she ever wanted to do was craft with mom! I had stockpiled boxes of craft projects that I bought for her when she was younger, and had to give them all away – totally unused. So you can imagine my excitement when she told me she wants to make a quilt for her friend who is about to have a baby!

She is going nice and simple, with fun fabrics that she picked out. Here it is cut and ready to sew – up on the design wall:

Zihna quilt on Wall
Zihna’s first quilt project

I think she did great picking out fun, contrasting colors and patterns for a baby boy. She even plans to free-motion-quilt it too! We get along great, as long as I don’t tell her what to do… so  it will be an interesting few hours of working together in my sewing room 😉

What are you working on this weekend? Feel free to post links in the comments – I love seeing work in progress!

By Gail Lizette

Lover of texture and color. Quilting is my joy.

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