Going Fast

I just realized we have only two weeks left in 2016!

The end of the year means paperwork and organizational tasks for our t-shirt printing business. All the stuff I dislike doing, but am always so thankful for down the line. This year I’ll be working on new client files with updated contact information, a new accounting program that will have to be populated with our product numbers, and possibly a new updated website.

I’ve tried to build a new website for our business every time adobe comes out with a major Dreamweaver program update… which tends to be about every two years. I’m no tech wizard, that’s for sure! I always get a subscription to Lynda.com –  they have great tutorials for any program you can imagine… and I walk myself through all the DW classes and end up with a fairly functional site.


However, I’m really not motivated to learn the new update right now.  I’m so obsessed with quilting 😉 That said, I also have a list of quilt patterns I want to hammer out. I feel compelled to write a pattern or two – just to see if I can. I have the graphic skills for sure – it’s the writing, or organization of steps that I have troubles with.

hexie Backs

Ahhhh… time to pull out some paper and make some lists. Things are about to kick into high gear! 😉  Here is a pic of the back of a row of hexies – you can see the big basting stitches, and hopefully not too much of my ladder stitches between them!



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