Snow Day!


It rarely snows here, and of course it snowed the same day my in-laws arrived from New York! It’s making the visit a bit interesting, and just a little difficult to make plans. My brother-in-law and family are also in town visiting, so we have a houseful! The snow turned to a big sheet of ice pretty quickly, so we’ve had to resort to indoor play. Luckily my husband is like a big kid and has never shed the toys, so we have Lego’s and board games, Matchbox cars and tracks, as well as coloring books and markers. It all came out and we’ve been having fun with the nephews!

The sun is out today and everything is melting. We still have 2 days with the family before they leave town, so I’m off to enjoy a slushy walk in the sunshine, then it’s off to find an early dinner.

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