Sunday Preparation

Today we are getting ready for a visit from my In-Laws who are coming in from New York City. They’re arriving on Wednesday and I’m so excited to see them! They have always been super supportive of us, even helped us get into this house to begin with.

records n kitties

So, I want to make sure the place is looking good and clean. I’m a cleaning mad-woman today – so much dust accumulation, and so many things to move around to clean it.  As I was cleaning, I snapped a couple photos – just to show when you collect plants and toys, dusting all of a sudden can become a big project!

plant nursery

My husband is the collector – but he is no longer adding to it… just maintaining the things he already has. *phew*  Many records, comic books, toys, etc… it makes for fun still-life pics! Not to mention, always having something interesting to look at, read, or listen to.

As far as sewing goes, I plan on doing more hexie stitching later today. This was my kit and progress from yesterday:

hexie strips

I got 3 strips of hexies stitched together in 2 hours and 45 min. However, it was at Sew Day, so I was talking while sewing and I think that resulted in a much slower pace of stitching! I’m okay with that, at least I can get a little bit done while visiting – and, I think hanging with friends is really important right now.

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