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fabric scraps orange

I’ve been working on a new project that I LOVE. I’m making great progress too, I just finished the quilt top and am getting ready to baste and do the quilting! It’s a commissioned piece, so I’m not sharing photos just yet. It’s hard not to share freely – but I wouldn’t want the surprise to get out to the recipient. It’s a big quilt. Quilting it on my domestic is going to be interesting. I’m using a cotton and wool blend batting – it’s so nice! I think I need to make myself a big new bed quilt soon…

project progress on new quilt
Bits of fabric, ready to sew

Chakra Quilt Series

I’ve started working on a book about the Chakra Quilt Series. I thought I’d be able to put it all together fairly quickly, but as I’m writing, I’m getting new ideas and going off on tangents. Working to reign it in. However, I’m realizing another trait I have is that I question my decisions way too much – if I can even make a decision in the first place. I’m also realizing that my body works in cycles, and sometimes I have no energy to do anything. That time has to be figured into my schedule, no matter what I’m doing. It sucks, but it’s real.

So I need to set my focus on this writing project. The first thing I need to decide is how much personal information I’m willing to share – or if that’s even necessary. I kind of feel like it is because I made them as part of a self-healing journey… and people like to know the story behind each quilt. I’ll just have to figure out a way to write about it lightly.

Most of my free time has been going into sewing. While I wait for fabric for the quilt back, I thought I’d write this post and check in. I’m making plans for some new quilt projects that are much smaller in scope – super excited to start sharing project progress shots again!

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  1. Got to love anything orange!

    Good luck with the writing. It sounds like you’re editing/censoring as you go but I’d like to suggest just write! Get it all out. A good editor will be able to trim it down and provide clarity.

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