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  • Wood Dragon EPP Hexie Quilt Pattern

  • Basting A Dragon

    Basting A Dragon

    Exciting news! I just got back from Nancy’s studio’ with my newly basted dragon quilt! It is already so much sweeter than I could have hoped… now I just  want to start quilting immediately, but I better do some planning first. I really want to hand quilt parts of this… Soooo- hand quilters, what are your favorite […]

  • Hexie Dragon Top… Finished!

    Hexie Dragon Top… Finished!

    WooHoooo!!! It’s still not the best photo… but I think the colors are correct.  I’ve been waiting for a sunny day with helpers at the same time, and it just hasn’t worked out until today.  Even so, it’s hard to get a good photograph of something this big and flowy. Our feet are left in […]

  • Dragon Quilt Milestone

    Woo Hoo… I just finished sewing the last strip of hexies together for the Dragon Quilt!!  It’s a huge milestone, and I feel very accomplished right now.  Next up is sewing the strips together, then I’ll take the papers out, add a border… and some hand-quilting too!   I would love to finish this quilt […]

  • Dragon Progress

    Dragon Progress

    I figured it’s about time for a progress report on the Dragon Quilt.  In the picture above you can see the strands of hexies I’ve finished in the center.  The strand I’m currently working on is at the bottom of the photo. When it’s finished I can lay that one back in the bottom opening, […]

  • Dragon Quilt Start!

    Dragon Quilt Start!

    I’ve had the idea for a dragon hexie quilt even before I finished my squid quilt.  After a long summer, I finally have the design finished!  What do you think?  It’s just a rough idea of what actual patterned fabric will look like, and I may change color families as I go ~ but it’s […]