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  • Hummingbird Step

    Hummingbird Step

    I just finished piecing together my second hexie hummingbird for a new quilt… and while it’s not the greatest photo, I just had to share! It’s on my design wall right now – time to pick a background fabric to appliqué it onto. I was thinking something on the darker side, since a lot of the fabrics are pretty […]

  • Hexie Hummingbird Quilt Finish!

    Hexie Hummingbird Quilt Finish!

    Super excited to share my last quilt finish – the Hexie Hummingbird! This was a super fun project – especially trying to make-do with the fabric I have on hand. It’s a smaller quilt, finishing at 34″ wide x 39″ tall, perfect for a wall hanging. When I last blogged about this project, I was […]

  • Hexie Hummingbird – Start!

    Hexie Hummingbird – Start!

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a hexie project to work on. I really needed a little break, and I wanted to focus on some machine stitching – which was great. But I’m starting to really miss having a hand-project. It took some time to figure out what I wanted to make next. I […]

  • Special Quilts

    While I’ve been sewing my whole life, I didn’t really get into quilting until 2010. Since then, I’ve been making both hand and machine-pieced quilts. The hand-pieced quilts tend to take many months to years to complete. I also created a series of quilts based on the Chakra system for a big emotional self-healing journey. […]

  • How To Baste A Hexie

    How To Baste A Hexie

    Today I’d like to share how to baste a hexie paper template for English Paper Piecing (EPP). EPP is a really fun way to make quilts. It’s when paper templates are used to create shapes that fit together to make a quilt top. Hexagons are used extensively, but other shapes can be used too. The […]

  • Unexpected Setbacks

    Unexpected Setbacks

    They happen… unexpected setbacks. I signed up to do a blog post a day, but missed yesterday – and even writing this is difficult. I’m just having some digestive issues, and it is currently causing a bout of dizziness. That makes it really hard to look at a screen of any sort without a bit […]