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  • Manipura Quilt Finish!

    Manipura Quilt Finish!

    Oh… I am so excited to have finished this quilt today! It’s our Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting tonight, and I’ll be able to share this thing! I also wanted to write a quick post about this quilt just because when I speak in front of our group (150+?), I get quite nervous. I never remember […]

  • Manipura Quilt

    Manipura Quilt

    A few weeks back I had an intense emotional release during my yoga practice. I wrote about it here. Ever since, I’ve been envisioning how to purge those emotions through quilting. I’ve also been dreaming about sewing a yellow quilt, so I designed one! I spoke with my Cranial Sacral Therapist about all this. I […]

  • Quilt Portfolio

    Quilt Portfolio

    Quilt Portfolio of Gail Lizette Weiss. Quilting is art! Color, movement, and texture are qualities amplified in the quilts I create. Many pieces are done in an improvisational style, letting the fabric speak, directing how the rest of the quilt will come together. Some quilts are designed and planned in detail, and some are made […]

  • Selfish Quilting

    Selfish Quilting

    Yep. That’s what I feel I’m doing right now:quilting for myself. I know many people who are very creative, and they make and make and make – and all for other people. It’s amazingly beautiful to see. I want to be that person someday… but for now, I’m working on personal mental health, and quilting […]

  • Spinning Around The Sun

    Spinning Around The Sun

    I’m finishing another revolution soon, and it’s a big one. I don’t know how to feel about it. Being older is strange. I never expected to make it past age 25… so this is double-bonus-plus! It’s been a very interesting new year so far. Spent the first two weeks so sick – it hurt my […]

  • The Privilege of Quilting

    The Privilege of Quilting

    Recently, I entered a quilt into another show: QuiltCon. It was a big decision this year. I have to be patient and wait to find out if it’s accepted or not. My expectations are set very low as I’ve entered every year and have never had a quilt accepted. I entered my Manipura quilt. I’m […]