Heart Chakra Quilt


… and all I want to do is sew. I sometimes feel a little guilt when it’s gorgeous out and I’m inside. I’m happy to have a patio door that opens to our backyard in my sewing space. I have a million ideas for the backyard as far as setting pavers and making a path […]

Kaleidoscope Quilt Quilt Patterns

New Book!

After getting my Kaleidoscope Quilt back from Nancy at Just Quilting, I updated the pattern I created for this quilt to add the photo. Once I was back in the working file, I found a couple edits, and I added so much more information that it turned into a book – 46 pages! I found […]

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Quilts ARE Art

Wow… quilts really are art pieces. I picked up my Kaleidoscope Quilt from Just Quilting Studio on Tuesday, where Nancy Stovall kicked some serious ass on the quilting! I can’t stop looking at it! It’s really beautiful, I’m so happy to have been able to collaborate with someone so talented. I took this quick little […]

Heart Chakra Quilt modern quilting patchwork Process Pledge

Fighting Through Creative Drought

This last month has been brutal. Especially being a woman in the United States. Debilitating emotion overwhelms creativity. You have to fight hard for your creative self. I’ve been working a lot (Phantom Chicken) and that has been great. I really enjoy being able to pay bills! The work has me busy through lots of […]

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Heart Chakra Quilt Progress

This quilt is kind of kicking my ass. It is mimicking my life in ways I would never have noticed if I wasn’t making this as a therapeutic tool. I’m happy for new perspectives, but they can be hard to mentally and emotionally digest. For example, the center of this quilt features a 6 pointed […]