A Friday Finish

I finally have a quilt finish to share!!

It measures 37″x 37″ – I used blue for the binding, and love it.  Had a lot of fun playing around with different quilting patterns in this one – some kind of sputnik-y looking thing.  My problem with this quilt was I used a chalk pencil to mark the position of the larger circles and the “straight” lines that connect them.  So I had to wash the quilt to get the chalk off… and some stayed stuck under the stitching.  It will probably all come out in the next wash, but I won’t make that mistake again!

I like the back a lot too:

…AND I finished Zihna’s pillows for one of her holiday gifts:

 Here is what the backs look like, I used a star-shaped quilting pattern that made it a little warpy so I would not recommend for future projects… but it still looks kinda cool.

I don’t know what I’m going to start next… I only have a billion ideas!!  I think something pink… I’m collecting a lot of great pinky fabrics ~ not my usual color choice, but I think it could be fun! 

Regardless of the next project… this is encouraging me to continue to practice, practice, practice the free motion quilting.  I don’t mind if the overall pattern is a little organic/wonky/not perfect… but the actual stitching needs to be even, and THAT’S what I need practice with, so off to practice I go!  

Quilt Top Finish

It’s so fun sewing on a machine again!  You can finish things up so much more quickly.  Here is the new quilt top I just finished:

… well, I think it’s finished.  It’s supposed to be a baby sized quilt,  part of me wants to make it bigger ~ but I’ll probably leave it as is.

This was my first time with a drunkards path template (purchased from Tabslot) and I think I did pretty good ~ most of the points meet up:

Next time I WILL be purchasing some spray starch.  I think that will help a lot in keeping it all flat and perfect… but I’m still happy with my results!

Time to hit the store for more spray baste ~ I’m excited to get this quilted!!  Not sure how I’m gonna do it yet…  suggestions?

New Quilt Start!

Oh man… after getting the top of the dragon quilt done,  I am totally excited to try a few designs that have been floating around in my head for a while.  This weekend I started a new quilt ~ and it has a lot of drunkards path blocks in it:

I used a new template I just got from Jill at Tabslot, which was way better than my old handmade cardboard template!!  Even still, it took a lot of practice to get these to work for me… and I ended up making a 4.5″ template create a 4.25″ blocks.  It’s not too bad, but it can be better.  I may make another one of these in the near future, just to get more practice in!

When I started cutting fabrics for this project, I was in my sewing room ~ which is just an unused bedroom.  It’s unused is because it sits over the porch and so the whole room (including the floor) is  not insulated at all, and fairly open to the elements.  So it gets really cold in the winter.   Just cutting the fabrics, my hands became icicles… and it’s not even that cold out yet.   I can bring a space heater up there, but I decided to set up a little table in the living room instead.

This location is close to a heat vent and next to the kitchen ~ and I can hang out with the rest of the family while watching movies at night… AND get shit done!  Speaking of which, my family is the best.  I’m super glad to have the support of my sewing addiction enough to encroach into the common area with my messy projects!