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Getting Photos

I’ve been working on my ability to photograph quilts by myself. Quilt photography is very tricky and a bit expensive if you have to pay for it. However, it’s worth every penny to get a photo that will really show a quilt in its best light. I recently got a portable quilt-hanger, and now I […]

Interlaced Orbs modern quilting

Selfish Quilting

Yep. That’s what I feel I’m doing right now:quilting for myself. I know many people who are very creative, and they make and make and make – and all for other people. It’s amazingly beautiful to see. I want to be that person someday… but for now, I’m working on personal mental health, and quilting […]

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Website Woes

It has been a wild ride the last few weeks in the land of the interwebs! It was a real practice of patience for me… and perseverance. You hopefully will notice nothing different, but I did change host servers, moved my whole site, and added SSL security. This included moving and reconnecting databases and reworking […]