Getting Busy!

There is an eminent move in my family’s near future, but I’m ready.  Before packing I need to finish up all my current sewing projects.  I spent some time yesterday and I almost have this quilt finished:

It’s the mini quilt I started in the Luke Haynes class a few weeks back ~ I added some quilting and a key!  I’m working on the binding today, so that’s one thing off my list.

I finished this block for the NEON fabric block challenge ~ it’s so totally eighty’s.  I like it, but I’ve seen some blocks from other members that blow me away!

Started another quilt too… it’s going to be a baby quilt for a friend who had her baby 3 months ago.  Finally getting to it!

And I’ve started quilting my Spring String Quilt and adding the binding.  I wanted to get ALL of this done plus PMQG BOM before the meeting tomorrow night… who knows… I still have some time 😉

What to do… what to do?

Last night the PMQG held their 3 year anniversary party with the guild meeting, and it was great in so many ways!

First off, Michael Miller sent our guild some neon fabrics for a quilt challenge.  I’m not immediately attracted to neon, however, I do love a challenge… and using neon in anything I do will be a BIG challenge.  I’ve been looking at this all day trying to find my inspiration chanting “what to do?”

Here are the fat eighths we were given (so super generous:  thanks MM and PMQG!!) The neon solids are oversaturated with dye so they are very stiff.  I’m curious how they will wash, they absolutely need pre-washing!!  I’m still just thinking on this one… all that comes to mind is a side ponytail scrunchy and matching layered skirt… I don’t know *yet* how this will translate into: QUILT.

Another fun thing about the meeting last night was hearing about QuiltCon, and finding out 4 of our members won awards for their quilts in the show!!  Congratulations to Heather, Katie, Monica, and Pétra… for representing for the PMQG so beautifully! 

My favorite last night was show and tell… Luke Haynes came down from Seattle to share some of his quilts with us!  He uses found fabrics to create a traditional background, then photographs a subject, uses the clothes they actually wore in the photo and creates a portrait in those fabrics in applique on top of the background quilt.  They are truly amazing and he was super friendly too.

Seeing all my quilty friends at these meetings is something I look forward to all month ~ I love it when the meetings exceed my expectations!