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Spinning Around The Sun

I’m finishing another revolution soon, and it’s a big one. I don’t know how to feel about it. Being older is strange. I never expected to make it past age 25… so this is double-bonus-plus! It’s been a very interesting new year so far. Spent the first two weeks so sick – it hurt my […]

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2016 Quilt Finishes

When I look back over this crazy year, I realize that I’ve been quite productive in my quilting efforts compared to previous years. I think it’s because I’m loving my new Juki machine! Here are all the quilts I finished¬†this year: I hope 2017 proves to be just as productive for me. I want to […]

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Social Awkwardness

There have been many times where I have felt socially awkward, and I’m trying to change that. I’m always enamored with people who feel comfortable in most situations – the ones who¬†can always speak their minds, no matter what anyone thinks. I’d love to be one of those people! If you read my blog, you […]

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Making Plans

I guess I haven’t written a post in a while… I’ve been questioning my purpose of this blog, and if it serves anything more than just a place to show my work. So, I’ve recently decided to give pattern-making a shot, and share some tutorials here. I’m almost finished with the Wood Dragon EPP Hexie […]

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Root Chakra Quilt Progress

I’ve recently started work on a new project, and I’m using the root chakra for inspiration. A while back, I took the ‘Process Pledge‘ on Rossie’s blog and so I wanted to write a little more on the process of this quilt. This quilt symbolizes a path to heath and healing to me. I’ve been […]