Happiness Is…


My husband snapped this photo of my daughter and I sewing together late the other night. It’s pretty real. As in: unglamorous and messy, but it makes me so happy to be able to spend time with her this way!

While I’m working on my Hummingbird No.2 hexie quilt, my daughter, is working on her first commission – it’s a cute little romper for a friend. She had made one for herself a few months ago, and someone else liked it so much, he is paying to have one made for his girlfriend. It’s her first commission, and I’m really happy for her!

She is quite talented… although I might be a little biased. 😉 She loves cosplay costumes, and has taught herself how to sew to create them. I can’t sew without a pattern, so her abilities already surpass mine in that regard! Here are photos of some of her cosplay costumes that she made herself – sure makes a mama proud! 😉


Proud Mama

YAY!  I just got the first photo of my daughter and her friend at Sakura-Con!  They have been diligently working on these costumes for 8 weeks on their days off and weekends.  It wasn’t easy, they had to adjust an existing pattern for the dresses and they made their own patterns for the hats and bloomers.  They didn’t let me help at all!!!  I added a pic of Luki and Noki to show who they were dressing as.  It’s hard to make a real-life costume from a graphic novel, but I think they did a great job!

I know that she is an adult now… but I will always have these moments of pride when I see her learn something new.  Sewing is something that she used to avoid, so it’s great to see her jump in and make something fun that she is proud of.

Now that I have my sewing room again… it’s time to get back to quilting!!

A New Skirt!

I had so much fun last night making a skirt for myself… and the best part is it actually fits well!  I got the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt pattern and started with the A-line skirt.  Here’s a pic:

It’s not a good photo, it’s in the mirror and out of focus… but oh well.  I did get a good photo of the fabric I used:

It’s a navy print on white, and it’s a home-dec weight fabric.  I like making my skirts out of heavier fabric because I wear them so often.  I’ve been saving a few fabrics along with this one for making skirts ~ so I have a few more to make before buying new fabrics.  I used an old sheet for the “muslin” lining part and so the inside is super soft. 

Thanks to all my quilty friends (Susan!) for all your advice and support when it comes to clothing construction!  Now I’m off to layout a new string quilt. 

This and That

Now that the big dragon quilt project is pretty much over (still need to sew a sleeve on the back and make the label)… I’ve been going over my sewing area and doing a little cleaning and sewing.  I recently was super inspired by another PMQG member, Susan Beal, who has been wearing skirts and dresses she sews herself.  After talking with her, I purchased the Barcelona Skirts pattern by Amy Butler.

I’m excited to try making something to wear ~ but it’s very scary.  I don’t even know what kind of fabric(s) I want to use yet.  Being a larger girl, clothes in general are kind of scary, but I’m in need of a little change.

I just made a couple BOM blocks.  Our guild is doing this thing where they have a tutorial for a new block at every meeting ~ you then make 2 of those blocks.  You keep one and give one to the guild at the next meeting.  The blocks given are then pieced together by different BEE’s for charity quilts.  Such a great idea!  Here’s the one I’m giving this month:

This second one is the one I’m keeping ~ it was the first one I made and is a little off and wonky… but I can make it work for my own sampler quilt!  Here is the BOM we did last month:

I have it pictured with another block I made using Anita’s Arrowheads pattern ~ super fun way to piece together a block!  I think I’ll be making a quilt using those in some way. 

Recently I finally got a chance to go to Cool Cottons with a gift card I got for my birthday last month (I know… how could I have waited so long??)  Anyway, since I don’t have a set plan in my head for what I want to do next, I just bought some things I liked:

I’m still helping my daughter work on her cosplay costume for Sakura-Con… so that’s where my sewing time has been spent lately.  When that is done, and then I plan on getting busy with more quilty goodness!