It’s decision making time.  I’m itching to make another quilt (quilting is way more addictive than I had previously thought!) actually, I want to make (2) baby quilts for boys.  One is for my cousin who just had a baby back in Minnesota.

Anyway… I want to make my own pattern ~ so they are truly me, and I have about a million different ideas in my head.

When I was at this point last time, I just started sewing and made a quilt, my spring quilt:

While trying to use up extra fabric I had laying around, this is what I cam up with.  I was going for the contrast of bright green and mahogany red that I was seeing everywhere on my daily walks a few weeks back.   I still had to buy more fabric to finish it… and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet.  I like it… but I can’t say I LOVE it.  Here’s the back:

It’s just all the pieces I didn’t use on the front.  The finished quilt is approx. 55″x70″ and it’s my third quilt that I free-motion-quilted.  BTW… a great site to get pattern ideas is here

Anyway… after making this one, I am dead-set on creating a pattern first and going from there.  At the last open sew day that the PMQG sponsored, I watched a “tute” by Cherri on how to make a version of flying geese.  Jenn posted the tutorial here.  Ever since I saw this I’ve had “geese on the brain”.

So I guess what this means is I have to spend some quality design time on the computer before getting all tactile.  Since I work on computers, I tend to shy away from them for anything personal… yet here I am… for the love of quilt.

It’s Quilting Time…

Just keep quilting, just keep quilting, just keep quilting (think Dora in Finding Nemo)!  It’s not that bad though, I picked a pretty simple free motion pattern to quilt my spring quilt with so it’s going quickly enough.   This quilt just ended up being much larger than I had expected.  I think it’s almost a double… I’ll take a measurement after all the quilting is done.

Now I just have to work on taking photos in the daylight instead of in the dead of night.  You just can’t see the colors correctly with these photos.  Oh well, I’ve never claimed to be a photographer!

I’m hoping to be done later tonight or tomorrow so I can bind it and get started on my next project:

Spring Has Sprung!

Okay… well, at least it’s trying to.   Here in Portland, the sun has been peeking out here and there, but there’s still quite a chill in the air.  The bright neon greens of new buds are starting to turn to deeper greens and all sorts of colors are popping out everywhere.  Basically, it’s gorgeous out there!

I’ve been using these spring colors as my inspiration for the quilt I’m currently working on.  Here is how the top turned out:

There was no pattern here (obviously).  I’ve had some of these fabrics for a while and wanted to use them up… so I just started piecing them together.  The colors represent spring to me.  I’ve recently learned that these blocks are called courthouse steps, thanks to Susan Beal and the presentation she gave at the last PMQG meeting.  She recently published a book called Modern Log Cabin Quilting and she had a lot of information on the history of this block and log cabin patchwork in general. She also showed many examples of this style and I was really inspired… and surprised that there was a name for what I was doing (other than “patchwork mishmash” as I had been calling it).

The back is turning out much more mishmashed… BUT I’ve used every scrap of these fabrics I had! That makes me feel good ~ and now I can purchase some newer fabrics that I’ve been drooling over without feeling like I’m a hoarder.

Time… and how it eludes me.

Found this gorgeous cherry tree today on my walk.  I cruised up Mt. Tabor… and I think I’m paying for it now ~ my knees are a little pained.  I felt great on the walk itself though, I got all the way to the top and back without having to stop for a breather.

I love Portland, it’s so beautiful here in spring.  I’m trying to recreate some of that feeling in the quilt I’m currently working on.  Here are some more springy inspiration pics (for colors) I took today:

I really wanted to make a solid block for the swap at the PMQG meeting tomorrow, but time has eluded me all week.  I guess that’s a good thing ~ it means I’m busy and busy means paying some bills!  That’s okay ~ I still fully enjoy meeting with everyone, and seeing what they come up with.  Working with solids is a little foreign to me, but I love what I’m seeing from other quilters who use it…. you can really see the actual quilting so much better, and it creates great negative space… it’s beautiful.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone made tomorrow night!

Something New For Spring

Lately I’ve been taking daily 3-4 mile walks in the afternoon with some neighbor friends who also work from home ~ it’s a fantastic luxury to be able to take the time for myself… and walking is the best exercise I can be doing right now.  If you live in Portland, you know this last week has been grey, cold and rainy… BUT all the new little buds are popping up everywhere making it all bright and green and pink. 

To try to mimic this great feeling I get from walking and smelling daphne all over, I started another quilt!  It’s not planned at all ~ and so it’s taking more time than expected because I keep changing my mind and nothing is “it” yet.  Regardless of that, I love the color palate ~ it’s spring green and pink… and I’m putting a bird on it!  (ha ha!  Watch Portlandia!)  Here is where I’m at so far:

It’s kind of fun to just sew with no plan, but my mind is plotting away for my next planned quilt.  This reminds me… I have to give “kudos” to Jill who was one of the winners in the monochromatic challenge from the Modern Quilt Guild.  She brought her well-planned quilt to the last PMQG meeting and I was totally blown away ~ seriously.  I love that quilt!  It’s hanging at PNCA until this Thursday (along with my squid quilt) so I highly recommend going to check it out in person.  Fantastic job Jill!!  It has inspired me to take all the time I need to plan out my next project.