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More Snow!

It’s snowing again in Portland! It’s a bit rare that it actually accumulates, but when it does (like last week), everything sort of shuts down around here. The roads get very icy and there are a lot of curves and hills that can be treacherous. Luckily, I just got back from a dental appointment just […]

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The Sun Is Out!

It’s pretty obvious I haven’t been too inspired lately… otherwise I would have posted something more last month. Luckily the sun was out yesterday and it’s been peeking around today too, so I’m trying to soak up as many of those rays as possible, just to lift spirits and feel better.  It inspired me to […]

modern quilting neon string quilt

Getting Busy!

There is an eminent move in my family’s near future, but I’m ready.  Before packing I need to finish up all my current sewing projects.  I spent some time yesterday and I almost have this quilt finished: It’s the mini quilt I started in the Luke Haynes class a few weeks back ~ I added […]

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New Stuff…

Since I finished my Dragon Quilt, I’ve been feeling a little lost… I really miss having my hand sewing project to grab anytime.  Plus I feel like my machine sewing is pretty average. Started a new quilt ~ YAY!  Here it is so far on my design board: It’s a basic string quilt with a […]