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Hexie EPP Tutorials | Hexie Patterns | Illustrated Stitching Technique

Thank you for your patience!
My hexie patterns are now ready to share!

I will be the first to say that my way may not be the ‘correct’ way. I love learning new skills or coming up with a better way, while in the process of making. Because of this, I can really appreciate a new tip or trick, and I end up changing my approach with every new project. Keeps things fun!

Below are links to a couple tutorials on my blog. I made the Squid first, then the Dragon, the Jellyfish, the Placemat, and then two different Hummingbirds – so the more recent projects end up having the most tried and true methods:

Tutorial and informational links

Full Hexie Tutorial for book review: All Points Patchwork.

Hexie tutorial 2

Making Hexies | Making Hexies 2

Laying out the Jellyfish | Jellyfish layout space issues

Laying out the Dragon | Dragon layout space issues

Laying out the Squid

Making hexie-rows for the Jellyfish

Making hexie-rows for the Dragon

Taking it on the go – a hexie roll tutorial | Roll 2 | Rolling up hexies to travel

Sewing rows together for Jellyfish

Sewing rows together for Dragon

Pulling paper templates from the Dragon

Basting the Dragon

Basting the Jellyfish

Quilting the Dragon | 2 | 3 | 4

Quilting the Jellyfish

Removing the Basting

Binding the Jellyfish