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  • Starting Something New!

    Starting Something New!

    Time to break out a new pattern from my idea list. The plan is to follow up on the block I did for a GenQ Magazine block builder challenge they had in June. The name of my block is “braces” because that’s what I see when I put a few of them together. It took […]

  • Slow Growth

    Not much to report, just a little slow growth of the Jellyfish! Friday will mark one month that I’ve been connecting the rows of hexies together, still have a bit before hitting the center mark, so if all goes well, I should have the top done sometime in October. What are you working on this […]

  • Being Productive

    Being Productive

    I got a little bug up my butt to finish my “Unbe-weevil-ble” quilt last weekend, and I was super productive by focusing on it as if it were a job. I gave myself two days to finish the quilt back, and I got it done!  Here it is on the floor, taking up even more […]

  • Starting to Grow

    The Jellyfish quilt is starting to grow! Quilt back – whip stitching Sewing the strips together takes the most time of all the steps in this project. It is also the most rewarding. Every stitch is adding a bit more to the quilt!  I whip stitch the rows together from the backside of the quilt […]

  • Time To Connect

    Time To Connect

    YAY! I finished sewing all the rows in the Jellyfish quilt this weekend! I was lucky to take the whole day on Saturday and sew. There was an All-Day-Sew day where I spent most of the day with my quilty friends at the PMQG and was able to get a lot done. then I came […]

  • Getting In The Groove

    Getting In The Groove

    These last two weeks just flew by while I’ve been stitching the Jellyfish together!  I’ve had a few people ask how I stitch my hexies, and I use two different styles. To sew my hexies into rows, I use a ladder stitch, to sew the rows together, I use a whip stitch. I’m not quite […]