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  • This Is Happening

    Sometimes you just need to “do” rather than talk… or blog.  This is what is happening with my jellyfish hexie quilt right now. I have more pictures and info about how I got to this point and what I’m doing, but I am compelled to work on this quilt rather than type, so for now […]

  • One Month In

    I’m exactly one month into the Jellyfish Hexie quilt project – and I’m happy to report I have over half of the hexies made already! I need just over 2000 pieces, just counted today and I’m at 1,042! This is the point where I try to cement my other colorways. Here is what I have […]

  • Back At It

    Back At It

    Last week I stopped progress on the Jellyfish quilt because I ran out of fabrics I wanted to use. Luckily, I got reinforcements at the PMQG meeting on Tues *thanks!*, and last night I was able to get a bunch of squares cut… and another 50 little hexies made: I did a count… I’m at […]

  • Motivational Friends Rock!

    Motivational Friends Rock!

    It’s funny how you can have an idea in your head for years, and never act on it.  Or start a project and give up on it because you’ve lost the creative flow and you just can’t stand to look at a project any more. That used to be me.I had a love-hate relationship with […]

  • It’s A Start

    I pulled some fabrics for the Jellyfish hexie quilt – and have got some hexies done over the last two days. I’m going to need a LOT more deep blue/aqua/teal fabrics for the “water” part. Anyone up for a fabric swap? These little 1/2″ hexies are so cute! I love making them, they are super […]

  • A Hexie Way

    A Hexie Way

    There are many steps and procedures to making an English Paper-Pieced (EPP) project. Since I’m a hexie addict, I thought I’d share a little about my process. **I should mention: I’m a self taught graphic designer and beginning quilter with a passion for hexies and color. While I’m creating, I don’t worry about how I’m “supposed to” […]