Lucy - NEPP Hand Sewing Kit

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Lucy NEPP Hand Sewing Kit
Screen printed stitch lines on pre-cut fabric pieces - ready to sew.
Finished size: 6.2" wide x 6" tall

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Included in kit:
(2) Small Pentagons • Zucchini
(10) Isosceles Triangle • Bright Idea
(11) 72º Diamonds 1.25" • Maize / Dove / Zucchini / Bonsai
(8) 36º Diamonds 1.25" • Bonsai / Bright Idea

Also included: Paper template for corner pieces to create 90º corners.
You will need:
Needle, Thread, Scissors, and optional Thimble.
Knowledge of Y-seams with Running Stitch. Tutorial here.

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