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Okay… I’m blaming this project completely on my guild-mate Beth Wells! I got to sit next to her at our last PMQG All-Day-Sew, which was sweet enough on it’s own… but then she let me go through her bag of ‘give-aways’. She was de-stashing and I was able to take home some cute fabrics AND a package of white pre-cut Half Square Triangles.

HST Colorplay

Once I got home, I dug through my stash and found another package of the same size HST’s in dark solids – then I became inspired and had to design something to show off the dark colorway. Then I started chain-piecing at 1am last night…

Late Night Chain-Peicing
ready for pressing

I got up sort of excited to see how this was going to layout… and now I have this on my wall:

I think it’s pretty… a different take on a rainbow quilt. I’m excited to sew it all together and get it on a longarm. I think this quilt will lend itself nicely to some funky quilting, but for now I just need to keep on sewing!

Thanks Beth, I’m having fun with this one! 🙂

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